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Budget Consultations

‚ÄčTaken from Policy 3001
Budget Deadlines and Schedules
Adopted: Motion 181/2009; November 9, 2009
In the Budget Planning and Preparation Process shall be carried out in accordance with the following general timetable:
Mid-December - Early February
-          Capital Maintenance Budget submitted to Finance Committee
-          Provincial funding support announcement
-          Public Budget Consultation Forum(s)
-          Special Board Meeting held on or about 3rd Tuesday over a period of one or more days, as required, for the purpose of establishing the proposed budget and special levy requirement, subject to a review and checking by the Senior Administration prior to formal approval by the Board
March - 1st Monday
-          Public Presentations regarding proposed budget.
March - 2nd Monday
-          Formal approval given by the Board to the final budget and special levy requirement
March 15th
-          Special Levy requirement -submitted to Municipalities
March 31st
-          Final Budget - completed, submitted to the Public Schools Finance Branch.

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