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Brandon School Division Consultations

Consultation Process
Based on Policy 1021 CONSULTATION Adopted: Motion 141/2010; September 13, 2010 and Procedures 1021 CONSULTATION Adopted: Motion 141/2010; September 13, 2010, three Growth and Sustainability of Facilities Public Consultations were held to engage and communicate with Brandon School Division constituents. The following information outlines the consultation process.

  Definition of consultation:
·         Consultation is a process which involves interaction between decision makers and those affected by the decisions.
·         It promotes a two-way flow of information and ideas to arrive at better solutions.
·         It supports more effective implementation of policy and programs.
·         The process will optimize the opportunity for educational and community partners to provide input within the established timeframe.
 Criteria for consultation:
The Board of Trustees or the Division undertakes consultation if and when:
·      the constituency may be affected significantly by the decision;
·      the decision may be controversial;
·      the decision making process could benefit from a widespread exchange of information;
·      the required decision is value based and/or subjective in nature.
 Goals of the consultation process:
·         To stay focused on the best interests of the students.
·         For all parties to understand the processes and have a basic commitment to them.
·         To commence the process when the issue or matter being considered is identified.
·         Promote trust and open-mindedness.
What the Brandon School Division Board of Trustees  hopes to gain through the consultation process:
·         Advice.
·         Two-way communication.
·         Joint ownership.
·         Enhanced solutions, goals and policy directions.
·         Channel the maximum number of interests into a common direction.
 Communication prior/during/post-consultation:
·         Provide specific timelines showing each stage of the process.
·         Detail limitations on the process in both scope and time.
·         The consultation process to be utilized.
·         Background information that is timely and comprehensive (Web site & Media).
·         Opportunities provided for input, feedback, and dialogue.

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