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Guidelines for Weather Conditions


Administrative Procedure 2120 – School Closed Because of Inclement Weather
Administrative Procedure 8015 - Cancellation of School Bus Service
School Closure Due to Inclement Weather Brochure

Snow days refer to those days where either the School Division or individual schools cancel classes or close the school due to weather conditions. The Brandon School Division has only been closed one day in the last 30 years due to winter storms, however our rural schools at CFB Shilo and Alexander have closed more frequently.

There may also be days where division-wide bus service, or select routes are delayed or cancelled due to hazardous road conditions.

When there is the possibility of inclement weather, visit the Brandon School Division Website at and your local media.

The Brandon School Division's Supervisor of Transportation is in contact with local municipal offices by 5:30 am after surveying the bus routes.   By 6:00 am the Supervisor of Transportation reports to the   Director of Facilities & Transportation, where necessary decisions are made.

Brandon School Division's first priority is always the safety of our students. Therefore, if a decision is made to cancel bus service, the Supervisor of Transportation shall notify local media prior to 7:00 am to advise which buses have been cancelled, and which buses (if any) will be operating.

The BSD website and our social media accounts will also provide current transportation information. 


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