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Student Safety Resources

Brandon School Division is committed to providing a safe Links to Safety Resources.jpgand inclusive place for all of our students, and is proud to be partnering with the Brandon Police Service to help provide our students and families with access to information and resources. 

Our Divisional Student Safety Social Media Campaign includes messaging on our Divisional and School based websites and social media accounts, with a focus on:

-  Promoting healthy relationships for our students and their families;
-  School Zone Safety;
-  Stranger Danger
-  Cyber Safety; and 
-  Sexual Exploitation. 

Do not walk alone, try to walk with a friend, parent or guardian. 
-  Always tell your parent/guardian where you are going and when you will be home. 
-  Trust your feelings.

If you are feeling scared or uncomfortable, then you should get away as fast as you can and tell an adult or someone you trust.   YELL, RUN & TELL

-  Do not take short cuts through bushes or back alleys. Use the same route to and from school every day. 
-  Never give out your personal information to strangers.

Help your child memorize their contact information and emergency numbers.
-  Establish a family code word—No Code Word—No Go!
-  Develop "Check In" Rules for your children are going out with friends. Always know where your child is. 
-  Help your child understand who a safe stranger is. For example: a police officer, a firefighter, or a teacher. 

           Help us #KeepOurKidsSafe in #BDNMB!

Should you have any questions about safety, please contact us!

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