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Registration for Children In Care


Manitoba Education and Advanced Learning requires Brandon School Division to follow the interdepartmental protocol “Education and Child and Family Services Protocol for Children and Youth in Care” as outlined by the Manitoba Healthy Child Office (May 2013).  This document supports educators, child and family services workers and caregivers in assessing, planning and responding to significant transitions for children and youth in care, including:
·         Intake/Registration
·         Changing Living Arrangements (including entering/exiting foster care)
·         Moving to a Different School
·         Re-entering the Education System
Child Welfare Agencies are asked to complete and sign the following documents to complete the registration process:
2.  Release of Information Form (signature required) 
     In order that we can request information from the student's previous school
3.  Complete a Brandon School Registration application as per the appropriate grade level:​

    2017-2018 K-8 Registration Forms
    2017-2018 Grade 9 Registration Guide
    2017-2018 Grade 9 Registration Forms
    Secondary School Admission Process

    2018-2019 K-8 Registration Forms 
    2018-2019 Grade 9 Registration Guide
    2018-2019 Grade 9 Registration Package
    Secondary School Admission Process