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High School Featured Athlete - December 2019

December 10, 2019

Brandon School Division recognizes student‐athletes from each our three high schools for demonstrating outstanding character and leadership in athletics and community involvement.  Each month, one student from each of our high schools is selected as a Featured Brandon School Division Athlete.  

Please join us in recognizing the following students:

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Josh Nevin
Crocus Plains Regional Secondary School 

Crocus Plains Regional Secondary School is pleased to name Grade 9 student, Josh Nevin, as their High School Featured Athlete. 

Josh has been a vocal leader on our Football team. In our game against Sisler High School, Josh had five touchdowns and rushed for 246 yards. His presence is clearly noticed both on and off the field. Josh's dedication is seen off the field as he is an outstanding student of the game and a leading voice in game film and strategy review. 

Josh is exactly what you want in a student athlete. He is a student first. Achieving highly in his classes and is a pleasure to teach. Josh is as vocal a leader in the halls as he is on the field and in the locker room. Josh embodies the fact that you can play sports and achieve very highly in your academic life as well.

Coach's Quote:  "Josh has displayed the very best in what coaches are looking for in a student athlete. He is extremely coachable and has a great mind for the game. Often vocal to hold himself and others on the team accountable. It is clear that Josh wants to lead the team and he sets the tone for others to follow."

Neelin - Will Miller Harms.jpg

Will Miller Harms
École secondaire Neelin High School

École secondaire Neelin High School is pleased to name Grade 11 student, Will Miller Harms, as their High School Featured Athlete.  

Will Miller Harms is only a Grade 11 student starting on the Neelin Varsity Volleyball Team as a left side. He has had a very successful year helping lead the team to the city finals and provincial quarter finals. 

Currently this semester, Will had a successful track and field season. He placed first in both the 100 m and 200 m at the Zone Championships in Brandon, earning himself a place at the Provincial Track and Field meet this year in Winnipeg. Will is a highly dedicated athlete who pushes himself to reach the goals he sets for himself.  Will has proven himself an integral member of the track and field team as well as the volleyball team. 

Coach's Quote:  "As a coach, one of the best things you can witness is an athlete helping another athlete to improve themselves out of empathy, compassion, and a love for the sport. I've been lucky enough to see Will do this many times. He is a tremendous leader and will be counted on in a very big role next year."

Vincent Massey - Ella Werbiski.jpg

Ella Werbiski
Vincent Massey High School 

Vincent Massey High School is pleased to name Grade 9 student, Ella Werbiski, as their High School Featured Athlete.

Ella has been a big a big contributor to the success of the Junior Varsity Girls Volleyball Team at Massey this season.  The Grade 9 student leads her team with 172 kills so far this season. 

Ella is a great example of what a student-athlete is. She maintains a 96% average in her courses while putting in a lot of time on the volleyball court.  

Coach's Quote:  "Ella's consistency has been a big asset to our team this season. We have relied on her to put the ball away in some tough matches. She is level-headed and plays well under pressure."

Congratulations to Josh, Will & Ella as this month's High School Featured Athlete.  We look forward to highlighting more students here in the 2019-2020 school year. 

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