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Confirmed COVID-19 Case - Crocus Plains


November 8, 2020

Manitoba Public Health officials advised Crocus Plains Regional Secondary School on November 8, 2020 of a confirmed case of COVID-19 in the grade ten class on Thursday October 29, 2020 when they may have been infectious. The infection was not believed to be acquired at Crocus Plains Regional Secondary School.

Be assured that Public Health investigations to identify individuals who may have been exposed begin within 24 hours of a confirmed laboratory test. Anyone identified as a close contact will be contacted by phone or letter and provided instructions for self-isolation (quarantine). Testing may also be recommended.

Crocus Plains Regional Secondary School is working closely with Public Health officials and following their recommendations. Based on the Public Health investigation, this exposure is assessed to be low risk. No one is required to self-isolate from this exposure. Anyone who is in the grade ten class is recommended to self-monitor for symptoms until the end of the day on November 12, 2020 and seek testing if symptoms develop. A thorough deep cleaning and disinfecting is taking place this evening and the school will be ready for staff and students tomorrow morning.

Please note: Crocus Plains Regional Secondary School and Brandon School Division are not permitted to release the name or any identifying information about the confirmed case of COVID-19 to any member of the school, parent, community or media.

The Brandon School Division along with all the schools in the Division will continue to follow the recommendations of Public Health during this pandemic.


Dr. Marc D. Casavant
Brandon School Division